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Creative Collaboration
Consulting services at the intersection of arts/ entertainment and mental health.
Make your creative projects safe, responsible, and healing.

Please Email or Book Free Consult to Discuss Your Project


Monica can provide consulting to help your film projects, both fiction and nonfiction, be emotionally safer and potentially healing for everyone involved. Visit

to learn more about the work she did for this Netflix award winner.


Theatrical shows can also benefit from the help of a drama therapy consultant. Monica can assist in de-roleing for actors, vicarious trauma support for crews, and proper handling of difficult subject matter for collaborators and audiences alike.


Is your workplace putting on a "mental health" event using creative activities? Are you piecing together a staged reading from heavy material? Is your nonprofit organization putting together a gallery installation with a triggering theme? There are a lot of creative projects that can benefit from mental health consultation. Just ask!

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